The Art of Teaching Piano 

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The ART of Teaching Piano



(for ages 5 to 95!) 


I LOVE to Teach....You'll LOVE to Learn!  

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Meet Your Teacher,

Sharon Ann Wikoff

Sharon has had the JOY of being a Piano Teacher in several communities in a career that spans decades. Presently, all lessons can be done on-line. 

She now offers workshops on The Art of Piano Teaching and how to create a small business as a piano teacher in your community.  She loves encouraging new teachers and seasoned teachers to create that special relationship with each student and from there the rest unfolds easily. 

She can be reached at [email protected] 530.470.3630 

Sharon is delighted to work with individuals teachers to support their business or to discuss individual students/challenges.

Please email her for more information and/or to schedule a session.  

NEW: Teacher Training 

Sharon brings her 50+ years of experience to support new teachers in creating their practice.  Sharon likes to work directly with each teacher, knowing that each person brings their unique experience and expertise to their work.  

Please email her for more information/ or to schedule a session.  

Sharon loves to teach piano!  She specializes in the first three to four years of piano lessons.  All ages are welcome... 5 to 95! 

Please email her for more information and/or to schedule a session. 


The Benefits of working with Sharon as a Piano Teacher are many.  When I work with an individual, I work with the whole person. I nurture his/her self-confidence, listen to see what they already know about the piano and  teach to his/her abilities, so that the learner is successful from day one! And often I hear that that confidence carries over to other areas in life.    

Benefits of  Learning to Play Piano with Sharon   

Benefits of Working with Sharon to become  a Piano Teacher 

Sharon has learned the ins and outs of teaching piano over the last 50 years.

 She LOVES sharing what she's learned so YOU too can  create a successful business.  

She is patient, kind, and creative; always enjoying exploring new  ways to increase in effectiveness as a teacher.

 If you desire to become a piano teacher, Sharon will work with you to support you in all areas of creating your unique practice as a Piano Teacher.      

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