The Art of Teaching Piano 

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Sharon's Story 

Sharon had a LOVE for playing the piano since she was a child.  She became an elementary teacher and brought music into her classrooms whenever possible!  When she and her husband brought their first home in Westlake Village CA., a neighbor child saw her piano and asked if I would teach her to play the piano?  That was 1969!  She received $2.50 for teaching her first student.  

She found it was the most rewarding work ever!  Word of mouth traveled quickly and brought children from all the neighboring developments!  A few years later, she had a studio of around 20 students!

There has never been a child or an adult who wanted to  play piano, that didn't succeed. She believes that playing the piano is for ANYONE who wants to play piano.  

Her motto for many years has been: 

I LOVE to Teach....You'll LOVE to Learn! 

Sharon teaches privately now with all lessons being online. She offers one on one consulting for those wanting to develop their own small business teaching piano.  


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