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The Art of Teaching Piano 

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Sharon's Blog

The ART and JOY of Teaching Piano   

The Family Piano Recital 

December 20, 2019 

[email protected]Blog # 1  

Today is December 20, and one of my students had her "Family and Friends Piano Recital" today. Another had her recital on Monday.  Usually, I host the event, sharing a little about the student and emphasizing his/ her strong points. However, the last 2   recitals I've had during this holiday time, my student and her older sister ran the entire event.  Never have I had this done in my 50 years.

Both students are 7 and their sisters were a little older.  The older sister introduced each song played by my student.  And then in between the pieces, the sister would tell a holiday joke or share other holiday trivia.  The guests numbered about 10, both children and adults.  The children actually design the cover of their program and then I copy 10 or more for them to pass out. They love seeing their art work as the front cover of their program. 


I wish I had thought of asking to take some pictures.  The girls were so darling in their fancy dresses. Each played their pieces So nicely and yet each knew that if they did play a wrong note...they'd go right as if nothing wrong had happened! It's such a JOY teaching to be ok in the world...if something isn't perfect. I have another recital on Sunday, so I'll see if I can get a few pictures and perhaps even do a video of the 3 sisters.   

Through the years, I've found that when the children share their music in their home setting, they develop the confidence that allows them to enjoy a more public recital in the future. 

If this is of interest to YOU... please watch for my workshop on The "Family and Friends" Piano Recital later in the year. 


SHARON ANN WIKOFF has had the JOY of teaching piano for 50 years! She enjoys it as much today as she did teaching her first lesson the summer of 1969 in Westlake Village, CA. She can be reached at [email protected]