The Art of Teaching Piano 

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begins  OCTOBER, 2022!

"The Art of Becoming a Piano Teacher"

Do you LOVE to play the piano? 

Do you LOVE to share the world of music with others? 

Do you have excellent people skills? 

Would you like to have your own business? Be your own Boss? 

Would you like to work from home?    

If so, perhaps taking this new TEACHER TRAINING PROGRAM

is the perfect answer for YOU!


Sharon began her 53rd year of teaching piano in August of 2022.  She has been teaching online since 2015.  Sharon has had great success in creating lessons children LOVE and adult TRIVE from.  

She LOVES it as much today as she did teaching her first lesson in 1969!

She wants to share ALL that she has learned...

and in the process GROW a field of 

New Teachers!

Music is so important in the lives of children and adults.  It brings joy, creative expression and an opportunity to focus on a form of art that allows the body to 

step away from stress and day to day life and thrive in new ways. 

She wants to support individuals who want to begin such a business, so they can thrive from the beginning and avoid some of the challenges that come when you are starting out without any knowledge of how to teach and exactly what lessons should like.   With the right set up, the right materials and a few tips, 

you too can create successful lessons on line or in person, beginning NOW!   

What you'll learn during this 3 MONTH INTENSIVE

1. How to find students & retain them!  

2. Books and teaching methods that work!

3. How to fine-tune lessons to each unique student!

4. How to support prompt payments!

5. Ways of receiving payment online!

6. Content for weekly lessons! 

7. Making theory fun! 

8.  How to teach the very young beginner! 

9.  How to keep student's active attention!

10. How to set up your computer/ student's computer for on-line lessons.

11. How to host group lessons & recitals!

12.  FUN ways of creating the program for recitals! 

13.  Interactive learning games for children! 

14. Content for lessons/ group lessons!  

15. Tips for creating your website! 

16. Tips for creating your home library of materials. 

17.  Plus, your individual needs and questions will be addressed on a regular basis. 

18. Discover your unique talents and create the perfect niche for YOUR business. 

19.  Develop your business plan. 

20.  Learn the bu​siness aspects of having your own business.

21. How to create lessons plans for your niche. 


This Teacher Training includes: 

Two LIVE sessions monthly! 

Individual email support for your unique situation. 

One Private Session monthly.

Coaching that supports you in finding your UNIQUE niche!

One hands-on workshops to creating interactive activities/ games for children during the year. 

Experience creating / presenting your own lessons to the group.

Guest on Sharon's Radio Show 

Limited to 8 students...

Prerequisites for Applying for this TEACHER TRAINING!


To talk with Sharon about this Teacher Training 

and/or to apply, please email or call.   

Contact Sharon:  [email protected]

530 470 3630 

I LOVE to Teach...You'll LOVE to Learn!!!

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Join This New Teacher Training!    

Sharon brings her 50 +  years of experience to this year long Teacher Training Program.   

Sharon wants to work directly with each teacher, so space is limited to 8 participants.    

Please contact her directly to discuss this year-long Training and to see if it's a good fit for you.   

[email protected]

530 470 3630 

Become a Teacher 

YOU can become a PIANO TEACHER in your community NOW!  A NEW TEACHER TRAINING begins in September!   This year long Training will give you a firm foundation for starting your business! Learn about The Art of Teaching Piano and bring the JOY of playing piano to the young and old NOW.  See above for details! 

Developing the Relationship

 Creating a deep and connected relationship with each student is the KEY to  successful students and a successful business.  Learn how to increase your ability to do connect with EACH students and much MORE.  See above for details. 

Hands on Learning Activities 

Hands on learning activities has been a huge part of my teaching for over 40 years.  Learn how to develop your own activities for children that are practical,  flexible and have excellent educational value.