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The Art of Teaching Piano 

 530 470 3630


The Art of Teaching Piano on ZOOM

DATE:  Saturday, March 19th

(Follow up session: April 23)

TIME:  2 pm - 3:30 pm PDT


FEE:  $ 145 

(with a sliding scale)  

Sharon has been using the Zoom format for classes for over 6 years. Thus, when social distancing began, she easily and effortlessly transferred all her students to the Zoom format. 

It's been a delight to learn and grow using this format for 


With the right set up, the right materials and a few tips, 

you too can create successful lessons on this format. 

What you'll learn during this workshop:

1. How to keep your student's active attention

2. How to easily set up your computer/keyboard

3. Tips on how your students computer/keyboard should be set up

4. Various activities/segments for a successful Zoom lesson

5. Ways to make the lesson personable

6. Ways to support student's prompt arrival time

7. Ways of receiving payment easily

8. How to host RECITALS via zoom.

9.  How to create FUN group lessons on zoom. 

10.  Content ideas for group lessons.

11. Fun activities for Zoom lessons. 

12. Involving the parents for lessons with young children. 


Feel consultation available to see if this is the right workshop for 

your needs. 

Contact Sharon:  [email protected]

530 470 3630 

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I LOVE to Teach...You'll LOVE to Learn!!!

[email protected]Join a Workshop 

Sharon brings her 50 years of experience into her monthly workshops. Below are the three workshops being offered in March. 

Sharon wants to work directly with each teacher, so space is limited to 8 participants in each workshop.  

She'll work with you directly until the cart on the website is set up and you can purchase services automatically. 

Thank you for your patience. 

[email protected]

530 470 3630 

Become a Teacher 

YOU can become a PIANO TEACHER in your community beginning this month!  This 4 week workshop gives you a firm foundation for starting your business! Learn about The Art of Teaching Piano and bring the JOY of playing piano to the young and old NOW.

For the fall schedule, pleas contact Sharon  

Developing the Relationship

 Creating a deep and connected relationship with each student is the KEY to  successful students and a successful business.  Learn how to increase your ability to do this with students of all ages.


For the fall schedule, pleas contact Sharon 

Hands on Learning Activities 

Hands on learning activities has been a huge part of my teaching for over 40 years.  Learn how to develop your own activities for children that are practical,  flexible and have excellent educational value. 


For the fall schedule, pleas contact Sharon